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Creative Tech aims to educate and inform creative professionals about the ways technology can enhance their creative work experience. Lots of professional and hobbyist musicians need a helpful app that keeps track of their lyrics and music, especially during a live performance. The creators of this app have thought through and understand the needs of people who are performing on stage very well indeed. Many singers I work with use this onstage with their iPads at every gig. They are typically stored in a text document and the chord names appear above the lyrics.

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In addition, the user can easily enter metadata for each song that includes the song title, the tempo, and the key. Of course, the user can store the songs in alphabetical order, but so much more is possible. For instance, you can create folders for different types of songs or different groups you work with.

You can also create set lists for a gig. ONSONG can then display your lyrics during your performance and even scroll through the lyrics automatically for you during the song. It retrieves the songs from your iTunes library on your device. You can play along with your backing tracks while viewing lyrics and chords on screen. At the end of each song it can simply stop and wait or it can automatically move to and play the next song in the set after a user selectable amount of time. However, it cannot retrieve from the cloud during a set so the proper songs with correct song titles must be in your library.

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This is much better than abruptly stopping a song. Low Light Feature The app also has a low light feature that makes the background black and text white. It is very helpful to have everyone onstage seeing lyrics and music for the current song in the set. In a more permanent installation, such as a church, you can send the master screen to many video monitors via HDMI or even to a video projector so that many people can see the lyrics onscreen.

This will only work if the metadata is entered correctly for each song. ONSONG can also make very good use of Bluetooth floor pedals that can be used to move through a song or step to the next song in a set … all while continuing to sing and play an instrument.

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There are extensive capabilities to make the app and the music it is controlling behave in any way that is useful and desired. It is great to see such a well-designed app that works in a very robust way. ONSONG is an incredibly useful tool that takes lyric display and onstage communication up to a much higher level.

He has played on more than 1, TV commercials as a guitarist and even played on the soundtrack for and appeared in the movie Groundhog Day. Name required.

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Email required. Leave this field empty. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Hello, I sing in a restaurant every month. The last time I sang I had my lyrics in front of me and walked around with the microphone but I want to hook up my digital recordings and play them and have my iPad part of my sound system.

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Create new account. MediaHuman Lyrics Finder 1. Search and add lyrics for all your music files automatically.

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