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Do some controls map but not others? Is the controller not registering at all? If you don't know then post a screenshot of your controller configuration screen. Do you know that your controller is configured to work with your PC at all i. Is it wired or wireless with an adapter and if so what kind? Does it work with other programs? It's wired, worked with games like Team Fortress, but in Dolphin the only controller configuration is for gamecube. What do you mean by that? If I'm understanding correctly: I'm saying I have a wired xbox controll but Dolphin emulator doesn't configure Xbox controllers.

Dolla Pills Smash Ace Dec 7, Joined Mar 9, Messages Location Connecticut. Try this: Massive Smash Champion Dec 7, Melee on keyboard is untenable. Nobody at any level of ability plays that way.

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  • Little Mac Super Smash Bros. 4 moves, tips and combos.

Here's a youtube video explaining how to set up your xbox controller in dolphin: Dec 7, AscendantAquila Smash Cadet Dec 8, Joined Apr 17, Messages Off topic slightly, how exactly would one go about moonwalking on a keyboard? AscendantAquila said: Kadano Magical Express Moderator. Dec 8, That makes sense, I feel like an idiot for not realizing that sooner. I guess I'm used to the controller input so it makes sense that it works like that on keyboard because you are dodging the neutral zone entirely on keyboard. Dec 9, AscendantAquila Smash Cadet Dec 9, I figured it was like that but I wasn't sure how quite to word it to get the point across, either way keyboard sucks for melee.

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Malistir Smash Cadet Sep 1, Control Stick:: Starting Characters. Retrieved from " https: Pages with broken file links. Hidden category: This page was last edited on 2 January , at This page has been accessed 1, times. Navigation menu. Table of Contents Super Smash Bros. Wario Mr. Ness Dr. Little Mac does two punches, followed by a flurry of jabs, ending with an uppercut.

Little Mac slams his fist down while charging forward.

LITTLE MAC - How to Unlock

Little Mac punches while lunging his whole body forward. Little Mac swings his fist forward in one of three ways depending on how the move is angled. An un-angled Side Smash results in a straight punch that deals high horizontal knockback. Angled up, the attack becomes an uppercut that launches foes at a more upward angle. If it is angled down, it turns into a low hook that deals more damage than the previous two attacks, but has lower KO potential. Little Mac punches low to the ground in front and behind him.

Little Mac does a quick punch aimed at an angle downward. Little Mac punches the grabbed opponent while holding them. Little Mac punches the grabbed opponent at the ground with both fists. Little Mac charges up, then shoots forward, launching anyone in his path. Little Mac can absorb some weaker attacks without flinching during his charge. Little Mac's lunge does multiple hits and charges faster, but travels less distance.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Little Mac Analysis + Intro Guide

The lunge gains speed and distance at the cost of power and armor. When enemies are hit, they are stunned momentarily before being launched. Little Mac flies forward and swings his fist down. After walljumping, preform an UP B quickly.

It's time to add more smack to your attack!

With the right timing, you can grab the ledge and get back onstage. Waiting until you're at the bottom of the wall can give you an airdodge to avoid edgeguarding. From more of the middle of the wall, you can wait after walljumping a bit longer to follow up with a side special.

So here's the biggest misconception about Little Mac: Little Mac's attacks all have fast startup, but only two of them are safe on shield d-tilt and properly spaced jab. Try to throw things out and you'll just get grabbed. This combined with his horrible air game and abysmal grab range make him not well suited for rushdown. They make him godlike at footsies though. Little Mac is a footsie character.

If an opponent is throwing things out at you too much? You can armor through. Somebody mis-spaces themselves? D-tilt pressures and leads into big damage combos with pretty good range. Little Mac is a character to be played slowly and methodically, with damage coming in huge bursts. This is necessary not only because it benefits how he's built, but because of his atrocious recovery.

On the KO Punch: Use this to your advantage. Play Little Mac like you're playing Punch-Out. Wait for your opponent to give you an opening, and wreck them for it with your fast, high damage attacks. Also, have a co-main, because jesus christ does little mac have some unwinnable matchups. I don't know if this has alreasy been said, but Little mac's dtilt can combo into most of his moves at low percents, and can combo into K. He's actually my main but his recovery sucks.

Your comments are helpful but it's hardcore to stay in the middle with Little Mac because you must move from your opponent's move. Mac has a reputation of being a scrub character, and many players are often seen on For Glory doing very similar things dash attack, rolling, and smashing. It goes without saying that these players are not that successful - http: Anyway, the key to a good Lil Mac is to keep a safe distance to poke, and then read your opponent to blow through their attacks with the armor on his smashes to net yourself the KO.

Ftilt is your primary spacing tool. It has two hits, does good damage, is quite fast, and has quite a bit of range. Because of this move, walking instead of running is advised to control space. A similar move, but less range, is Dtilt. Note KO punch actually goes through shields, and makes a great landing punish as your opponent tries to get down from the air. Dash attack is a good whiff punish, but don't try to use it as an approach tool - experienced players will easily shield and punish hard for trying this move, even if you try to make it go through the opponent.

Grabbing will be important. Shielding will protect vs all of Lil Mac's other moves, so use Mac's dash speed to put fear in the enemy. Usmash and Fsmash are strong and have armor. They also can be tricky to punish for opponents, so be careful with them. They are fast enough to do after lowering your shield to punish a variety of things, so be on the lookout.

Recovering is tough. A successful Counter can help you get back, unless you were attacked from the other side, so be very careful when using Counter. Side B has a bit of horizontal range and Up B has a bit of vertical. Up B does not auto snap to the ledge, so be careful using it- a Melee style sweet spot is needed spacing the Up B so that it ends below the edge but still just close enough to grab the edge.

Platforms are a bit tough for Lil Mac to deal with, but Uair is a decent move for it and has okay range. Still, be careful whenever you jump with this guy! Stick to the ground and out footsie your opponent, or risk getting tossed off and getting KO'd super early. If you're a noob. You found you character. If you thought master hand was OP on this game, wait till you see this little guy in action. Weighing in at , this little guy can can be pretty deceiving. This is not a "how to" instructional on how to be good with little Mac.

This is a how to on how to beat little Mac. If you want to be good with home, just get a round your opponent and just tap "a" in any random direction. You'll get some sky uppercuts in there. If you wish to beat little Mac, don't choose a swordsman unless it's Robin, Link, or toon Link. Make sure you thro hella projectiles at this kid.

New To Melee On Keyboard, need help with controls.

Unless it's bombs, cause somehow he can punch right through a splash damage bomb. His gloves have a special coat of rubber that bounces any attack that you throw at him, back at you and allows him to throw combos for days. Even if you have a lengthy sword, he will hit you with his 8 foot wingspan.

Not even Ike's hefty , golden light pole outreaches little mac's wingspan. Also, if you thought mario and sonic were fast in their 2D scrollers, little know fact about little Mac is that he beat Usain bolt in the m dash. While everyone else plays at 60fps. Little Mac is moving at a swift fps. He is damn near teleporting. Honestly, he is so fast and so OP, you might as well play defensive most the time. Put up your shield and wait for him to attack you and grab him. And do a couple throws. But beware, he's fast enough to recover and punch you before you can even get a chance to grab him.

Fudge it. Let's be real. Just spam the projectiles shield roll for your life. Tournament Players. Tournament Results. Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition.