Mac mini late 2009 ssd einbauen

No software or operating system requirements, Adaptive Memory technology is self-contained and works like any SATA drive. Kit Inhalt.

MacBook Pro (Howto): Install A Solid-State-Drive

And also it had run out of space so it was time for a new hard drive. Ordered my new hybrid hard drive from ifixit, arrived within two days on international shipping and it took fairly little effort using the step by step guide from ifixit and the youtube video available for repair guides. Within 15 minutes, i was ready to reinstall my OS.

Ordered my new hybrid hard drive from ifixit, arrived within two days on international shipping and it took fairly little e. Apple no longer markets a 17" MacBook Pro. But I'm a video editor—I need as much screen real estate as I can get, on a burnin' fast portable platform that can handle 4K UHD video streams. My only hope was to upgrade: Nervous at crackin' and hackin' the machine with which I make my living—especially because competitor OWC had told me what I was trying to do was impossible—I held my breath and dove into iFixit's procedure.

Twenty-five minutes later, my old Mac woke up, scratched it's head for a moment—then took off like the proverbial bat out of Hades! If replacing the System drive with an upgraded device e. SSD , use SuperDuper to clone. It's nearly impossible to get a clean disk image using Apple's updated onboard Disk Utility. And Carbon Copy cloner was, well, so crotchety to work with, I gave up.

Mine does. Possibly your mileage may vary. I do not know if iFixit regards OWC as a competitor. Slow Macbook for everything! Would start an app and walk away to wait until ready. Booting up was worse. Make sure you have the needed tools and set-up a system for holding the screws since they are different sizes. I used small bowls with masking tape labeled with Step and screw size.


Helped in putting back together. I used small bowls with. Need to replace old HDD with a fusion drive for better performance to run the Zoom Rooms video conferencing application.

No additional advice besides what the guide gives. Just be sure to line up the threads of the hard drive with the holes in the antenna properly before you start reassembly. Just be sure to line up the threads of the hard drive with th. I use my Macbook Pro, early 13", for research that requires me to have dropbox, excel, word and some other programs open all at once. It used to be fine but slow, but in the past few months it was unbearable.

I'd have to open programs and then leave the room for 20 minutes, come back and they'd be done launching. Such a pain. I have literally never once opened a piece of computing machinery in my life. I was really worried I'd do something horrible, but seriously this was so easy. And now I have this cool toolkit in case I ever need to take apart anything with tiny screws again!

Mac mini Mid 2010 Hard Drive Replacement

It was really interesting to look inside my computer and finally get where all the parts connected. I had backed up with time machine on an external drive the night before, so that, and the few hours it took to restore my files on the new drive, took the longest. I'm really happy with how responsive it is and how quickly it boots up and launches programs now.

On the reboot, I didn't realize I needed to format the new hard drive before I restored from my external hard drive. So that was a scary few minutes while I panicked and tried to look up the answer on my phone. The important thing is to allow oneself plenty of time for the installation and proceed with caution. For this purpose, a special frame conversion kit is required in which the hard disk will be installed.

Then the removed SuperDrive comes in an portable USB enclosure, which is included in the conversion kit. The replacement of the existing hard drive with a SSD is the easiest way. This reconstruction is completed quickly with little effort about 10 minutes. For this purpose, no special accessories or conversion kits are required, only a proper SSD and the appropriate screwdrivers. After the SSD is built into the MacBook, it makes sense to use the removed hard drive as an portable hard drive.

MacBook Pro (Howto): Install A Solid-State-Drive

A good portable enclosure with a fast USB3. If you decide on the installation variant 1, the conversion kits I mentioned have already all tools needed for. Otherwise, the mini screwdriver set from Hama is recommended that contains the required PH00 and Torx6 screwdrivers. Basically, it is recommended when working within range of electronic components, to wear an antistatic wrist strap.

It protects against electrostatic charging, thus preventing possible damage to electrical components in the Macbook. The bracelet is slipped over the arm and has a cable with alligator clip which is simply clamped to the radiator. Corresponding bracelets are already available for a few dollars e. Rosewill Anti Static Wrist Strap.

Suitable SSDs for Apple MacBook Pro

Basically a Time Machine backup should be created. If this is completed, the MacBook Pro can be shut down. Afterwards unplug the power cord and other cables and place them upside down on a soft surface. Please do not be alarmed if the boot should not be noticeably faster after a new installation. Because Spotlight must rebuild the index from scratch, which can take some time. Should there still be any problems e. This article was helpful for you? Please support Datenreise. Mac Pro Early Mac Pro pre MacPro1,1 MacPro2,1. Power Mac G5 all models. PowerMac3,1 PowerMac3,3. PowerMac1,1 PowerMac1,2.

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Power Mac G4 Cube. Newer Technology miniStack Enclosure NewerTech miniStack Classic Enclosure. NewerTech miniStack Enclosure v2.

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